The Energy Medicine rEvolution Masterclass

With Your Hostess Cynthia Harrison

The Energy Medicine rEvolution Masterclass:

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Discover your body’s natural healing abilities to transform your health and realise your potential.  

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Experts in their fields will take you through a 45 minute Masterclass on topics that will inspire and intrigue. These sessions will open you to the great range of research and practice in the fields of Biofield Science, Healing Arts, Energy Medicine, Augmentation and Regeneration. 

All presenters work towards evolving the human systems for ultimate health and well being. Complimenting alopathic medicine, and gaining new ways of knowing for reaching our greatest potential as human beings to HUman 2.0!

The Classes are live video delivered via email link to the ZOOM classroom, with the opportunity to ask questions and comment in real time. 

Meet Our Masterclass Speakers

Brian Besco

Graham Nicholls

Dr Norm Shealy

Kelmie Blake

Clara Apollo

Liviu Babitz

Harrison Klein

Dr Thornton Streeter 

Dan Winter

Jazz Rasool

Gerri McMahon

Tracey Ash

Christopher Tims

Ken Graydon

We all have the power to heal, and make change within us,  

to tap into this inner resource to treat illnesses, restore health, increase vitality and prevent disease! 

Did you know it is possible to EVOLVE to your full potential, starting Now?  

And this evolution is possible, via tools and techniques that positively impact your human energy systems?  


The knowledge of these Masterclass sessions will provide you with something for everyones needs. 

From ancient to contemporary Sage wisdom, the science of energies like plasma and scalar waves. 

Or the devices and technologies created to harness, effectively work and understand these energies. 

We look into what the full capacity could be for expanding our senses, and our general human capabilities.

It is all here, from touch to cutting edge science and all possible and probable with any one of the presenters work.

Let's dive in together to explore the Energy Medicine rEvolution  

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