The Inspired Life of The Art Salon FREE Series!

The Inspired Life of..... Is your invitation to come together with inspirational people and hear their incredible stories Live from around the world.  

The Art Salon is the new series of the Inspired Life that is gathering a multi skilled and gifted team of creatives to share their passions and what inspires them. Sharing wisdom and the Arts used in their worlds from seeing to healing, transformation, aesthetics, personal expression and more.  

The concept is centred around the sharing of The Arts and a glimpse into the studio’s and practice of creatives around the world.  

We are looking at the Arts involved in raising our energy, our passion, our vitality in life. This series will investigate what the speakers find their most exciting work and what inspires them to practice. 

Whether the conversation is about human experience, science, mysticism, new technologies, entrepreneurship, creativity, or the Arts, these connections are meant to spark your heart, ignite your soul passion, and share the energetic flow to live your expanded fulfilled life.  

You’ll gain tools, and resources, to learn, create and thrive.  

​So tune in to catch these high vibrations intended to expand your heart and mind to encourage you to live into an expanded version of your expression. ​ You will receive your live link to join us via your email. Just add it in the orange box and your on your way to gaining access to those who live the true inspired life.

We launch on the 31st of May 2018 with members of the Intentional Creativity Foundation guild. This will be a regular weekly Art Salon with creative demonstrations and sharing of experiential wisdom. 

We are excited to meet you, until then...Keep shining.

Founder and creator Cynthia J Harrison opens the door to invite you into the creative worlds within the Artist Salon.

Own your own copy of the complete Art Salon Series

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CreatedHosted By Cynthia Harrison

Lauren Adorno Weatherford

Leslie Nolan

Kerry Lee

Dina Tibbs

Hobby Parent

Semerit Stratchan

Louis Reed

Gisela Pineiro

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Janet Holmes

Isha Doellgast

Own your own copy of the complete Art Salon Series

For Just $67 AUD

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