Rhombus Healing Arts At The Concious Living Expo 

Find Balance,  Harmony & Vitality

As the Conscious Living Expo is next weekend 19th, 20th, 21st. I am offering 1 Free ticket with every pre booked session.  

I only have 18 free tickets left valued at $18!! Grab your's Now.  

This means you can book your 30 min session with Cynthia for $80 at the Expo (in booth 40 Rhombus Healing Arts).  

Cynthia will be at the booth Friday 19th, Sat 20th and Sunday 21st, In between her speaking engagements.  

Energy Medicine Power Sessions include; a Bio Field Viewing of your energy in real time, plus techniques specific to you and your energy system to assist stress, your health and vitality. You can watch your own subtle energy shift and transform as Cynthia helps you move and align it’s flow. Or Pre book a Full session with consultation (in person, Remote work, or via zoom) or 30 min Power Session outside the Expo dates.  

Offer covers bookings between Now and Mid December. 

PRE-Book Now and receive your Free Ticket for the Conscious Living Expo.